Personal Pieces

I share my personal thoughts on this page. Sometimes it's nice to just talk outside of the technical aspects of what we do.

My story

My name is Victor. I'm a father of to Joseph, Allester, and Lyra. Husband to my wife Jolynn. We've been married since Year 2000, when the world was supposed to end. Ten years later, the priest who re-married us asked her what she saw in me. I don't know what it was either. I guess I'm just a lucky guy.

I am a UX practitioner who wrangles with code and pixel. That means I go back and forth with my left and right brain. It's an energy draining endeavor when I do, yet fulfilling at times. I ignore the hurt most of the time. I love implementing technical solutions that works and adds value to a person or company. I guess you could call that making an impact.

I grew up in the dense city of Manila, Philippines. I wrote my first program in BASIC when I was 14. It was a program that combined CS and my Physics class. When I got the program to work, there's no other joy I could remember that was better at that moment. I still cannot forget that day.

I moved to the U.S. when I was 18. I served in the United States Air Force and became a U.S. citizen in the process. I worked in a military hospital where I performed Chemistry testing on "bodily fluids". I had a lot of fun and made special friends along the way. I'll skip out on the fun stories.

I studied Information Systems/Decision Sciences at Fresno State. Joined the brotherhood of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Got married when I was 27, just after Sigma Nu transformed my 'geeky side' to cool (those were my wife's words not mine). I think she just doesn't want to admit she married a 'geek'.

I am a wanna-be audiophile. I did a bit of DJing during my college days. I still have some of my vinyls. My daughter loves playing them. Nothing beats holding something tangible, then seeing that turntable produce music.

I force my children to learn music and take martial arts. I never had those lessons. They might think it's trivial right now, but they will probably be grateful when they grow up --- like many sons and daughters. Lately, I have been forcing them to go to the gym. They need it after playing on PC games and consoles for almost the whole day. Kids these days. It's partly my fault though. I helped them build their nice rig. Some dads build cars, some do wood work, I assemble PCs.

The only blog I read from start to finish regardless how long, is by James Altucher. I admire his thought process mostly on entrepreneurship and life in general. If I go back to NY, one of my to-do list is to have coffee with him.

I am passionate about design, software dev, and entrepreneurship. People who inspires me professionally include Mark Otto, Alex McCaw, and Peter Thiel; while personally, James Altucher for the messages in his writing.


To be continued...


Family Moments

My family at the Boardwalk (2014)The kids are a bit younger here (around 2009)
Taken at Santana Row - our favorite place in SJ (2013)Lyra and Jolynn (around 2012)
Joseph in his 14th birthday gear (2012)Lyra and I being silly at the Boardwalk (2014)
Lyra photobombing Dad after a haircut (2014)With Allester and Lyra during the SV Santa Run (2013)


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